News from September: our experts have obtained the CEIF-FNAIM certification

Dated 29.08.2013

 Working daily since 2009, crowned by a certification in professional real estate, the website continues its course for perfection...

A new certification for our experts

After having taken training courses at the ESSEC Business School and the Institut de l’Expertise, our experts were trained at the ESI, Ecole Supérieure de l'Immobilier of the FNAIM. This training allowed us to prove, once again, our status as experts in real estate appraisal.

This step is not mandatory to practise the profession of expert – the profession being barely regulated – but has made the choice of quality. “The objective of this step is to give credit to our service, that we continually strive to make the best. It's also a reference for our clients, those who are more or less well-informed. In short, the purpose is to be recognized by our colleagues and our clients”, states Sébastien DUCHESNE, Director of Real Estate Appraisal at and CEIF – FNAIM certified expert.

Henceforth, our group of real estate appraisal experts consists of colleagues who have been certified by the largest advisory organisation in real estate appraising: the CEIF (Chambre des Experts Immobiliers de France), an independent organisation associated with the FNAIM. This move also guarantees the high level of expertise of our appraisals, in accordance with the Charte de l'expertise en Évaluation Immobilière (Real Estate Appraisal Expertise Charter), as well as the professional civil liability of the CEIF.

CEIF – FNAIM certification ...a mark of quality!

The CEIF or Chambre des Experts Immobiliers de France has 700 members listed in France and the French Overseas Departments.

To obtain the CEIF-FNAIM certification, each professional must participate in a training course at the ESI (Real Estate School). Certification is given after control of a report, recognized as conforming to the requirements of the the Chamber. The expert must respect Ethical and Deontological Codes

Each CEIF-FNAIM certified member is recognised for his/her level of expertise, experience, knowledge of the real estate market and impartiality.

By joining the CEIF, displays the Cube Jaune (Yellow Cube), guaranteeing a high level of standards, a real mark of quality for our clients.

For more information about the profession of real estate appraisers, consult the Chamber's website.

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From valuation to real estate appraisal

Dated 02.02.2013

Remember a few short years back...2009 saw the creation of a new service provided by real estate appraisal.

Over that time, the company has seen this service become a crucial need for banking and legal clients. This has prompted adaptations to make the company’s products and processes align closely with industry needs.

At the beginning, one of our agents handled these requests. That role has evolved into the Supervisor of the Real Estate Appraisal Service, who pilots a team of 10 salaried experts and 13 independent experts. Flexible packs, employee training, opening up to other European countries...these are the types of development that have led the real estate assessment service to evolve toward real estate appraisal, the second realm of’s activities.

Many projects are in the planning stages and promise great new developments for the real estate appraisal services of

On January 1st, 2013, The Mortgage Registry became...

Dated 01.01.2013

Did you know that “Mortgage Registry” is the name given to the 354 offices that manage the Land Registration within the General Administration of Public Finance.

Beginning January 1, 2013, this public administration changed its to the Land Registration service. Numbers and functions remain unchanged. However, the state has again taken over responsibilities related to the service’s mission. actively works in a paperless environment with all of these offices for both professional clients and individuals.

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