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What is a real estate appraisal?

A real estate appraisal gives the real value of a real estate property at a precise date.

Each real estate appraisal draws on an in-depth study of the property and its environment. This is an on-site assignment conducted by a network of experts in real estate valuation. A collection of technical, real estate, economic, and legal parameters allow you to objectively appraise the market value of the property examined, with respect to the local market at the current time.

Why conduct a real estate appraisal?

A real estate appraisal is either a voluntary or necessary or obligatory step for both individuals and professionals (generally issued from legal or financial authorities).

The real estate appraisal is an important step in a number of situations.
For individuals, real estate appraisals take place in the following contexts:

  • Purchase / sale
  • Succession
  • Donation
  • Real estate investment
  • ISF (Taxation on Fortune)

For professionals, real estate appraisals are conducted in the following contexts:

  • Obtaining a loan
  • Financing
  • Risk management
  • Mortgage registration
  • Foreclosure (out of court or in court)

Real estate appraisal can be used as evidentiary proof and has legal value before all private or public entities (Banks, Insurance litigants, courts, Public Treasury, etc.).

Real estate appraisal by

The real estate appraisal report by

The content of the appraisal report

Our Real Estate Appraisals Service provides you with a complete report in compliance with the requirements of the Charter for Appraisal in Real Estate Valuation (4th edition - October 2012):

  • Study of the physical and technical factors
  • Study of the legal factors
  • Study of the socio-economic factors
  • Method of evaluation “by direct comparison” or “by capitalisation” (depends on the assignment)
  • Analysis of the current situation and the real estate market
  • Analysis of the elements of appreciation and depreciation
  • Analysis of the market references
  • Inside and outside visit of the property with photographs
  • Property market value

Our principal evaluation method uses ”direct comparison” which refers to the local real estate market, taking stock of transactions regarding similar real estate sales. In every case, we adapt our valuation methods to each property, with some requiring a financial approach (for example, revenue capitalisation method, DCF).

The property’s mortgage statement can be added to our appraisal, which then shows all of its legal issues and brings true value added to the assignment.

Once all the research is completed and all the useful and necessary information has been gathered, the appraisal report shows the market value of the property.

Our commitment

Each appraisal report is signed by the expert in charge of the assignment and is covered by COFARIS CONSORTIUM QUATRE Professional Civil Liability.

When we sign our appraisal reports, we demonstrate our commitment to provide serious and high-quality work for our clients who need a partner in whom they can have confidence for this type of assignment.

The role and knowledge of a real estate expert from

The role of an expert in real estate valuation is to find the market or rental value of a property. He or she is an impartial arbiter and judge of the real estate market and at the same time a technician, a jurist, an economist, and a financial expert who has no interest in overvaluing or undervaluing the price of a property.

An expert is characterized by 4 main aptitudes:

  • Technician
  • Independent = objectivity
  • Uderstanding of the information
  • Daily practical experience on-site

Although today the profession is not regulated, our experts are trained by the Institut de l’Expertise, the ESSEC Business School of Paris and the ESI (Ecole Supérieure de l'Immobilier de la FNAIM, in Paris La Défense), and they have earned a certification that validates their knowledge. Our experts comply with the Charter on Appraisal in Real Estate Valuation (4th edition - October 2012).

Our real estate experts cover continental France, the overseas departments, and bordering countries.

Our specialties:

  • residential and habitable real estate (houses, apartments, buildable land, agricultural land)
  • business real estate (offices, warehouses)
  • commercial real estate (commercial-use properties)
  • exceptional properties (castles, manor houses, villas, lofts, private mansions)

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