The ATER Group: our synergy, our strength

In addition to being a market leader in Land Registration, is part of the ATER group, which it joined in 2004. The ATER Group, with more than 180 collaborators, brings together leading businesses in professions related to the work of

Logo du Groupe ATER

The key facts about the Group

  • Corporate name: Holding Groupe ATER
  • Capital: 2,768 K€
  • Headquarters: Montbazon (37)
  • Personnel: 180 salaried employees

The Group’s subsidiaries leader in Land Registration is the commercial name of SAS COFARIS CONSORTIUM QUATRE.

Created in 1995, is a company that provides services for banking and legal professionals and for individuals. The services are offered directly through the website. They are designed to be simple to use, and to assist clients in the steps they need to take when using the Land Registration service and real estate appraisal.

Here are the site’s two main areas of activity:

  • The Land Registration: mortgage requisition, analysis of real estate documents, copies of deeds of sale or real estate guides users in accessing the Land Registration.
  • Real Estate Appraisal: our network of experts in real estate valuation covers France, the overseas departments, and bordering countries for the study of real estate properties, land, commercial space, and their surroundings in order to evaluate their price on the current market.
ATER : leader in the field of civil inquiry

Created in 1984, ATER is the pioneer in its field. It provides a range of research options, tailored to client needs, to study physical persons and companies, ranging from just a current address to information about solvency. Its B to B clientele includes many industries, like banking, insurance, legal professions, credit, collections, genealogy, telephony, energy, small- and mid-size businesses and industries.

Its primary research services include:

  • Locating debtors, inheritors, notaries
  • Research on employment history
  • Identification of assets
  • Solvency study, monitoring of succession, etc.
AGRECO: Paris-based civil inquiry company

Created in 1992, AGRECO is a research company on a human scale located in Île de France. It joined the ATER Group in 2007 while maintaining its independence and its own portfolio of loyal clients.

Oi2R - Cabinet LEFRANCOIS : leader in insurance fraud research
Logo de la SNC Oi2R - Cabinet LEFRANCOIS

Oi2R has always placed great emphasis on close client relations, and the company enjoys tremendous confidence among the major insurance brands. Oi2R’s experienced collaborators, former police officers and/or members of the ALA network, bring their clients an on-the-ground view. Created in 1998, Oi2R joined the ATER Group at the end of 2012. The company has become a valued member of the group, acquiring new resources to respond even more effectively to client needs.

Here are the principal tools offered by Oi2R:

  • Property damage
  • Fires
  • Auto
  • Insurance of persons
atersi : specialist in computer engineering

Created in 2010 and directly connected to the ATER Group, atersi specialises in developing computing tools for internal and extranet management. Currently staffed by 5 developers, atersi’s mission is to devote a part of its resources to the evolution of the internal software of the Group’s companies, guaranteeing results adapted to their various activities without investing resources in sub-contractors. Another area of atersi’s development work focuses on clients in the insurance field.

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