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Your resource for Land Registration & Real Estate Appraisal, precursor and specialist in access to Legal Real Estate information, is an experienced partner in the areas of Land Registration and Real Estate Appraisal. Do you need guidance and help finding a tool that will truly assist you throughout the procedures required by public administration offices? through important dates

The two services offered by

Specialists in requisitions and mortgage analyses
Our Land Registration services consist in guiding clients through the procedures for:

  • Knowing if a physical person or corporate identity is the owner
  • Obtaining the legal status of a real estate property
  • Obtaining real estate information and official documents
  • Understanding the Land Registration

Expert in real estate appraisal
Every real estate appraisal we conduct involves an in-depth study of the property and its environment.

We deploy a network of salaried experts covering France, its overseas departments and foreign properties to conduct on-site assignments for a complete appraisal report with photographs and references included, for valuation as close as possible to the reality of the real estate market at a precise moment in time.

Our experts work in compliance with the Charter for Appraisal in real estate valuation (4th edition, October 2012).

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