Rates and delivery time frames for a deed of sale

The rates and delivery time frames below apply to individual clients.

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Leshypotheques.com transmits your deed of sale to you in 15 working days.
Once the deed of sale and the pack has been obtained, it will be available for download in your Client Space.

To order a copy of a deed of sale, you will need the following information:

  • The reference of the deed of sale, called the “bundling reference”.
    Example: 2002P4578
  • The publication date of the deed of sale from the Land Registration, which is the date listed on the mortgage statement.
  • The community where the real estate property is located

To obtain a deed of sale, you should possess the corresponding mortgage statement.
If you don’t have the mortgage statement, leshypotheques.com can obtain it for you (see rate and delivery times for the Deed of Sale pack below).

Order a Deed of Sale only

Leshypotheques.com transmits the deed of sale to you in 15 working days.
The rate is €50, including expenses of €17.

Order the Deed of Sale Pack

The Deed of Sale Pack includes the mortgage statement, the mortgage analysis and the deed of sale.
The rate is €176, including expenses of €45, depending on the status of the property.

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