A service dedicated to “individual clients”

I am an individual client. Why do I need leshypotheques.com?

Leshypotheques.com provides services that really facilitate management, whether regular or occasional, of your current and future real estate needs.

Buying, selling, inheriting, donating, real estate investing, ISF … we’ll be involved at every stage.

Access the Land Registration

Are you ill-at-ease in the often complex world of real estate and are you looking for an experienced partner you can trust to guide you through procedures that involve the French government?

Simplify the procedures. We guarantee that your accounts will be traceable and simplified.

Leshypotheques.com will take care of:

Analyze the Land Registration

When you obtain a mortgage statement, you will be facing a complicated, often voluminous document that contains a tremendous amount of information. Some of this information is no longer current, and so it can’t answer your questions. So what is the right information? What is useful and crucial information?

Understanding a mortgage statement
Our jurist and our specialists analyze each mortgage statement and provide you with a summary of pending formalities and any important information concerning the property. This is the only such service available in France.

Real estate appraisal

Each real estate appraisal is conducted objectively and impartially. Since your goal isn’t to systematically buy/sell, but just to know the true value of your current or future property at a specific moment.

Our network of experts

We have developed an on-the-ground network of experts in real estate valuation who work in France and in the overseas departments. They are tasked with performing an in-depth study:

  • of the property
  • of the property’s environment
  • and of movement in the local real estate market

Our network relies on experts in real estate valuation who are salaried and guarantee a high level of quality in our appraisal reports.

Some of our experts work independently, so a crucial objective is to ensure the quality and reliability of their expertise. By systematically monitoring their competencies, we are able to ensure that they handle each assignment we give them with the care it deserves.

Our appraisal reports

For each appraisal, a member of our network physically travels to visit the site to be appraised. He or she then conducts a complete report accompanied with inside and outside photographs. Reference material will also help support the valuation of the property. Our team systematically engages in a quality control step before delivering the appraisal report to you.

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