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Our service offerings for professionals

Mortgage requisition

Would you like to simplify your administrative procedures?

Leshypotheques.com is the first private company to have developed a Land Registration service access.

As a precursor and leader in this service, our experience and our knowledge of government agencies are two strengths we make available to you.

On your Client Page, you can easily place orders in a few minutes. Our team polls the 354 Land Registration offices (formerly the Mortgage Registries) and the Property Book, and returns the mortgage statement(s) ordered. Take command of your costs with complete security thanks to your customized account and the traceability of your files.

Do you wish to improve your level of responsiveness?

Leshypotheques.com has perfected its exchanges with governmental agencies. All the mortgage requisitions are performed in paperless format with the public administration of the Land Registration.

So this tool allows us to:

  • Reduce the time needed to process requests
  • Speed up the performance of requisitions
  • Limit the sources of errors in the processing of information

This is an exclusive service offer.

Analysis of a mortgage statement

Experience the simplicity and responsiveness of an expert service unique in France

Our Mortgage Analyses Service provides you with a "Summary Report". This document translates the mortgage status statement into language that is clear and understandably by anyone, and it highlights all of the important information that statement contains. We have the specific and confirmed expertise needed because each of our analysts undergoes continuous training delivered by the National Institute of Notary Training (INAFON).

Statistical appreciation

Valuate a guarantee with a "statistical" appreciation.

Statistical appreciation

This is a reflection of the real estate market for the previous semester. Our team provides you with this value in 24 hours.

The statistical appreciation is issued from the PROPERTY base of the Notaries of France which inventories more than 10 million registrations.

Notary databases

Notary databases enable you to calculate quarterly price indexes, based on the transactions they register.

The information in Notary databases is provided on a voluntary basis by Notaries and they indicate the real price of transactions (they are not exhaustive).

They represent a cold analysis of the value of the property without needing to make a physical visit, unlike a real estate appraisal.

To conduct the statistical appreciation of a property, we need the following elements:

  • The city and the postal code
  • The acquisition date
  • The amount of the last acquisition
Publication & inscription

With leshypotheques.com, in a few minutes you can order a publication or a registration recorded by the Land Registration Service.

With a simplified formula, the date received, and the bundling reference number you can order in a couple of clicks:

  • the copy of a deed of sale,
  • the copy of a property title,
  • the copy of co-ownership regulations,
  • a descriptive statement of division,
  • a mortgage registration form.

Leshypotheques.com conducts the administrative procedures by polling the appropriate office(s) from among the 354 existing offices. Our team communicates to you the result of your request immediately after we receive the public authority’s response.

Renewal of guarantees

The team at hypotheques.com and our jurists in particular are able to assist you with guarantee renewal and follow-up.

We can renew your ...

  • business mortgage
  • mortgage on equipment and professional material
  • business seller privilege
  • vehicle security

We take care of ...

Additional procedures :

  • Copy of collateral form or security receipt
  • Requisition of marginal notation (in case of change of company name, headquarters, debtor, etc.)
  • Condition of business collateral
Real estate appraisal

Rely on our network of experts in real estate valuation trained at the Institut de l’Expertise, l’ESSEC Business School of Paris and the ESI (Ecole Supérieure de l'Immobilier de la FNAIM) in Paris la Défense. Our experts comply with the Charter for Appraisal in real estate valuation (4th edition - October 2012).

Every appraisal report is signed by the expert in charge of the assignment, which is covered by the Professional Civil Liability of the COFARIS CONSORTIUM QUATRE.

Our experts operate within France (including the overseas departments and Monaco) as well as in Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland.

Our real estate appraisals are the result of work conducted on-site and give you access to a complete report:

  • Study of physical and technical factors
  • Study of legal factors
  • Study of socio-economic factors
  • Evaluation method "by direct comparison" or "by capitalisation" (depending on the assignment)
  • Analysis of current conditions and the real estate market
  • Analysis of appreciation and depreciation elements
  • Analysis of market references
  • Visit inside and outside the property with photographs
  • Market value of the property

Real estate is appraised according to various circumstances: securing loan, financing, out of court, in court. Managing risk is a consistent objective.

"Appraisal” Packs available depending on the characteristics of your request.

Premium Pack

Designed for phases out of court and in court, the Premium Pack Real Estate Appraisal is intentionally modular. Whether you need an inside visit or not, or if the file is urgent, your criteria are taken into account on a case by case basis for an appraisal that most exactly meets your needs.

Excellence Pack

This is the ideal choice for loans that need to be secured or when credit needs restructuring. The Excellence Pack includes ordering and analysis of mortgage statements which are corroborated with the "PROPERTY Base". A presentation of the legal status of the property brings true added value to a real estate appraisal that is as close as possible to market conditions.

Europe Pack

The Europe Pack is a real estate appraisal conducted in countries bordering France. Currently, we travel to Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. Soon, our experts will begin traveling to properties in other countries.

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