Learn about leshypotheques.com: its work, its culture, its personnel

Created in 1995, leshypotheques.com is the business name of the COFARIS CONSORTIUM QUATRE company.

By the strength of our reputation and our image of quality, and with the dedication of our committed partners, we move ever forward to the tune of improved service, lessons learned shared by our clients, and new and expanding market opportunities.

A brief presentation of our work

The Land Registration

Since we were created, we have been developing expertise in the area of mortgage requisition.

For every real estate property in France, the State records and archives transactions, guarantees, and legal status. This information is essential in managing risk, securing loans, or during litigation. Administrative procedures require knowledge and organisation, so leshypotheques.com is an ideally qualified partner to assume the role of guide.

Real estate appraisal

Since 2009, we have been developing our real estate appraisal capacity. Appraisal is closely linked to real estate, and it is a service in full expansion. Our network of experts in real estate valuation is either salaried or independent, and they cover all of France, the overseas departments, and bordering countries. The assignment of each expert is to travel on-site and evaluate the price of real estate properties through a photographic report and market study.

Our corporate culture

Since its creation, leshypotheques.com has stressed human capital, and that is not by some mere chance. For us, the values that motivate our team are the keys to our success because we all share and respect these values. Our partners are crucially important to our corporate strategy because they are the face of our company for clients. Our partners are clearly behind the growth we enjoy.

This is a dynamic company on a human scale with values common to all of those who contribute their strength to the foundations of our company. That’s our corporate culture and it infuses everything we do.

Our brand image

Leshypotheques.com benefits from unparalleled renown among our banking clients. Because our service brings a real solution to their needs, with the consistently highest level of excellence possible, and with a formula of attractive rates, we can affirm that as of now 99% of all French banks work with us. We have always stressed simplicity and quality in our client relations, and these two axes continue to bear abundant fruit.

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